A downloadable MOM for Windows

*  Trailer it's only promotional material. Game under construction. Just Prototype.

Remember the feeling of being with your mother as a child and getting lost in the supermarket?

This design aims to bring us to that moment which everyone of us, or almost everyone, has experienced at some point in our lives. Explore your fears and try to identify them. Needless to say, find the way to face them. But never stop watching your back, since there are mental factors which may be as terrifying as being lost in a supermarket for a child's mind.

Install instructions

No installation.


WASD  + SPACE / Mouse / R for Reset




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Thanks for the good times! Mom was featured in the latest itch.io show :)


I had a blast with the game. Short and fun!

Played the game and got both endings. Rather short. I also didn't really understand why the framerate would drop to 20 every now and then. 


Oooookay, so 3 minutes / 2 "playthroughs". The white was mommy, the red was... who knows? Anyway, the game gets stuck in the ending's still image without any way to exit other than Alt-F4

If you liked this game, please donate to the creator.  Seriously.  I'd love to see more from this creator.

If you enjoy the video, subscribe, but please be aware of spoilers!

This game was pretty cool, was thriller like, very chill inducing, although I can feel what this person is going through being alone, and when anxiety kicks in, especially as a child everything looks far more terrifying! :D I did another game as well with it!

Cool game, thank you!


- I was completely lost while trying this game. I understand the premiums that your a child lost in a supermarket but beyond running from light I wasn't sure what I was trying to find while play this.

MOM is a great concept for a game! I'd love to see so much more though :D

Never in my life has a supermarket been this terrifying! Cool concept for a game!

I contact you on behalf of Softpedia's gaming department.  

We have added your game in our database, and would like you to contact us for further details.
We await your Reply!

All my repressed memories of being lost at stores are unfolding before my very eyes...10/10 Great game!

This game has a really cool atmosphere and an interesting concept. I just wish that there was more to it. As the description says its just a Prototype, I am very excited what the final product will be!

The graphics of this game is unbelievable. I want to see more. Thanks! 

I JUST realized this was a prototype! I'll update the video description for it! Well done! The creeping terror of just that red orb was amazing. I was actually scared. Lol. That's not an easy feat to accomplish. Can't wait to see more!

pretty cool. Nice atmosphere and visuals. Will be interested in seeing more.

Hello, I think your project is really cool and wanted to ask if you're looking for custom music/sfx for it.  Here's my  portfolio.  I've worked on itch.io horror projects before and love doing atmospherics and music for horror stuff.  Not selling anything, assuming the game stays free, just interested in the project.  Hit me up here or at my soundcloud if you're interested

Literally captured what it feels like to have your parent leave you in the store. 

Yours, Mom,  is the first game!

link to my channel(opens in new tab!) youtube.com/jonathick

I would definately love to see this game with more content. I really do appreciate the storyline and deeper message conveyed. I actually had to play it twice as I made a mistake :)

Gave it a go...


this was a great game, it had a good basis to it, it was very short and very limited but it is just a prototype which is awesome that youve done so much. Great job keep it up!

This game gave me the creeps.  I got lost in JC Penny when I was a kid and it was horrifying haha.  Here's my gameplay if anyone is interested!

I think this is a really cool idea, I think anything from the mindset of a child can go so many ways. I think you have such a cool idea of having a red light thats bad, and the white light that's mom. I wish that they were actually people though, I wish you could try to pester people and they might help you or be on the phone and ignore you, maybe they would pretend to help you, but oh no, now you're kidnapped! This game was super short, but I really want to see this refined into something longer. I also love the way the game looks, all dark and scary, I really feel like it represents the fear and loneliness the child may be feeling, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you do with this in the future! Your game starts at the beginning! 🖤

Sweet shit balls, this game is fucking creepy! It just keeps pulling memories I stuffed in the back of my head ages ago to the spotlight. This game needs work, but I had fun, and I hope you make this into one of the best indie horror titles of 2019 soon.

A lot creepier than I was expecting! Really cool idea! 


Really loved the concept of this game! Now im scared of supermarkets lol

Good design, though not sure if i played it right XD  found ghost mom in about 20 seconds.

still a decent atmosphere for a spooky game. Yours is the first one I played. Hope you enjoy the video.

this was sooo relatable! my god! what a creepy place XD really awesome job on making this game :D 

Nice job man


Gave it go. Not bad. I realy wish it was a longer experiance but what was here was great! I hope to see a full game from you soon!


Cool idea for a game, but there's not much there. 

This sounds interesting, but if there are any jumpscares then I wouldn't really play it. If not then I'll download.


Played this for a 3 free indie horror games and though it had a lot of potential! There are some optimization issues here and there and design choice options i'm not crazy about, all of which i show and talk about in the video. I like the idea and for a prototype i'm interested in seeing what's next. You can watch my playthrough of it below. It's the first game in the video. 

Many thanks for your feedback! This is my first contact with Unity and it was done in about three days. I really appreciate all your comments which will be very helpful during the development phase. I've had a lot of fun watching your video! I hope to see my game in your videos soon.

No problem! Keep me posted if you can on upcoming content and i'll definitely play them on the channel!


I wish there was more to it. I had LOTS of things planned out to talk about in the video. But time cut me off short lol
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Thanks for the feedback! This is just a sketch. It is a concept created for a university assignment with another purpose. Of course I will continue to expand it. Unfortunately we had a really reduced time to create it. However, I appreciate your time and I really enjoyed your video. I hope you come back when the game has progressed.


I wanna make a video on this but come on man, You need to have a thumbnail. Sadly in the Gamejolt/itch.io world we read the book by its cover and judge whether or not its clickable to even view the game. It looks great and im about to play it but just please make a great thumbnail for this game. You want exposure you need "clickbait" and no not the bad clickbait that's deceiving , I mean something that just draws the attention of the site viewer. The page itself looks great man , cant wait to try it

Quite frankly I think the blank black is more curiosity-invoking than a lot of the clickbait crap I see on here. While I agree that a well made thumb that both represents the game and draws attention would be the run-of-the-mill choice, there is far worse here en masse every day.


I can see where you come from cause in all honesty it got me curious about what this game was so I ended up clicking it haha. But it appears that he ended up making a thumbnail so yeah lol.